Gossip Stoppers Box

Gossip Stoppers: Creating a positive workplace

Do you feel like your workplace is full of negativity and gossip? Do you find the rumor "du jour" hard to resist? Would you like your office to be more productive and less destructive? This course provides ways to eliminate negativity and gossip to create a more positive work environment.

You will discover:

  • How Gossip and Negativity Drain Your Financial and Human Resources
  • Why Gossip and Negativity Spread So Quickly
  • Tools and Techniques to Stop Gossip
  • Strategies for Individuals and Organizations to Create a Positive Workplace
  • How to Identify Your Role in the Workplace Climate


See what past participants are saying about this innovative program!

  • "I was amazed to see how easily you can get caught up in or even begin the spiral of gossip and negativity."
  • "This was a really good learning experience and I really thought the instructor was very informative."
  • "It had many practical suggestions for how to stop participation in negative behaviors at work"
  • "It helped me recognize my role in creating negativity, how I participate in the process; identifying my own specific behaviors that contribute to negativity; the realization that my behavior is the only one I can change, not the people around me."
  • "How to Identify Negativity was helpful. A lot of times, people don't understand how they themselves are contributing to it."